Get free access to the complete Churchill Archive

The Churchill Archive for Schools provides teachers and students with an accessible and exciting entry point into the complete Churchill Archive, an extraordinary collection of source material for British and world history in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Normally available by annual subscription, the complete Churchill Archive is now available free of charge to schools worldwide until 31 December 2020 exclusively through JCS Online Resources.

Offering access to a vast range of original documents, the complete Churchill Archive is a goldmine for teachers and students alike. Highlights include:

  • Personal correspondence with his family and friends
  • Official exchanges with kings, presidents, politicians and military leaders
  • Letters from constituents during his long years as an MP
  • Photographs and newspaper reports
  • Speeches in various drafts

In addition to providing a unique insight into the life and times of a key figure of modern history, the complete Churchill Archive introduces students to the wonders of working with archive sources, and provides excellent support for independent learning.

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