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The Sources

Source no Document reference Date Caption
1  CHAR 15/97/1-3 First week of Jan 1915 Copy of a letter sent by Churchill to Asquith
2  CHAR 2/109/136 [21-23] 22nd Feb 1915 Minutes of a meeting in the office of D.N.C.
3  CHAR 2/109/136 [28] 26th March 1915 Approval to build prototypes
4 CHAR 2/109/136 [6-7] December 1915 Memorandum relating to potential value of tanks
5 CHAR 2/109/136 [29-31] Feb 14th 1916 Letter from D'Eyncourt to Churchill
6 CHAR 15/97/17 6th Dec 1918 Proposed letter to the press, re origins of the tank, by C B Hardman
7 CHAR 8/201/37 1925 Notes written by Colonel Sir Philip Watts re the development of the tank
8 CHAR 8/675/17-18 24th March 1940 Newspaper Article: The Black Day of the German Army

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