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The Sources

Source no Document reference Date Caption
1  CHAR 2/361/A-B/2-3 1 August 1939 A letter from the Federation of China Relief Funds of Southern Asia to Churchill in August 1939 on the Tientsin Dispute
2  CHAR 9/150A/70-75 9 Feb 1941 Part of the script for a speech broadcast by Prime Minister Winston Churchill on 9 February 1941
3  CHAR 20/42A/59-60 4 Sept 1941 A telegram from the Australian Prime Minister Arthur Fadden to Churchill, 4 September 1941
4  CHUR 2/142/83 Nov 1945 / Nov 1941 A letter to Churchill from Frank Giles, on behalf of the Foreign Secretary, requesting permission to publish messages from Churchill to Roosevelt for the US government enquiry into Pearl Harbor
5  CHAR 20/46/62 10 Dec 1941 Copy of a telegram from Prime Minister Winston Churchill to Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden, 10 December 1941
6  CHAR 20/84/77 6 Dec 1942 Telegram from Winston Churchill to US President Roosevelt, 6 December 1942

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