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The Sources

Source no Document reference Date Caption
1 CHAR 9/159 (images 6-12)February 1943Notes for a speech by Winston Churchill to the House of Commons
2 CHAR 20/238/1, 2 and 3May 1945Summary tables of losses at sea 1939-1945
3CHAR 23/6 (images 2-9)August 1940War Cabinet Committee weekly summaries
4 CHAR 20/258A/111-113January 1941Report on how U-boats detect Allied shipping
5 CHAR 23/9/4 (images 5 and 6)March 1941Prime Minister’s Directives
6 CHAR 20/37/25 + CHAR 20/37/91April 1941Telegram from Winston Churchill to President Roosevelt
7 CHAR 20/37/113-115April 1941Telegram from President Roosevelt to Winston Churchill
8 CHAR 20/77/127-128July 1942Telegram from Winston Churchill about convoy PQ17

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