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The Sources

Source no Document reference Date Caption
1  CHAR 8/13/1-13 1897 An unpublished pamphlet by Churchill called ‘The Scaffolding of Rhetoric’
2  CHAR 2/21/1 July 1897 A newspaper report of Churchill’s first speech made to a meeting of the Primrose League in Bath
3  CHAR 1/29/6 February 1901 Letter to Churchill from George Buckle, Editor of The Times, regarding problems with the reporting of Churchill’s maiden speech
4 CHAR 21/12 January 1909 A newspaper report from The Times reporting Churchill’s speech to Liberal Party members in Birmingham
5 CHAR 2/253/59-61 April 1936 Letter from Lord Cranborne to Churchill relating to a speech by Churchill on the Abyssinia crisis
6 CHAR 9/150/A-B January 1941 Two newspaper reports on an impromptu speech made by Churchill to the workers of Clydeside, Glasgow
7  CHUR 2/226 March 1946 Telegrams from members of the American public to Churchill about his ‘Iron Curtain’ speech at Fulton Missouri
8  CHUR 5/51A-C June 1953 Speech notes for Churchill’s radio broadcast made immediately before the coronation broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953

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