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The Sources

Source no Document reference Date Caption
1  CHAR 23/11 May 1939 / April 1943 A paper to the War Cabinet from Churchill April 1943 on the issue of the treatment of Jews
2 CHAR 20/94A/11 July 1943 Copy of a letter from WSC to Professor Harold Laski about Jewish suffering in the war, 5 July 1943
3  CHAR 20/54B/179 October 1942 Copy of a letter from Churchill to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 29 October, 1942
4  CHAR 20/138A/16 July 1943 Letter from WSC to Lord Melchett regarding the massacre of Hungarian Jews July 1944
5  CHAR20/93A/69-71 1943 Note prepared by the Foreign Office regarding the Government's plans to assist the Jewish people written in 1943.
6  CHAR 20/153/1 Page 20 July 1944 Discussion in the Cabinet of the formation of a Jewish brigade by the Secretary of State for War on 26th July 1944 [from the Prime Minister’s Personal Minutes]

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