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The Sources

Source no Document reference Date Caption
1  CHAR 2/120/107 Jan 1922 A resolution by the League of Nations International Labour Office 19 January 1922
2  CHAR 2/136/95 Oct 1924 Extracts from a report to the League of Nations by the Palestine Arab Congress in October 1924
3  CHAR 7/2 Jan 1925 A pamphlet published by the Woodford Branch of the League of Nations Union in 1925
4  CHAR 22/28 Jan 1925 Extract from a report to Cabinet by Lord Cecil, reporting on a visit to the United States, and describing views on the League of Nations in the USA in 1925
5  CHAR 18/9 July 1925 A letter from Lord Cecil to Churchill in July 1925
6  CHAR 22/38 May 1925 Foreign Office report on League of Nations Conference about action on sleeping sickness
7  CHAR 22/195/30 March 1928 Report from March 1928 on the work of the League of Nations Financial Committee
8  CHAR 22/240/107 May 1929 Extract from British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin’s election address in May 1929

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